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Forest School at KC Prep


At Kent College Prep School, being outdoors is an essential part of the curriculum and we have one of the biggest Forest Schools in the local area. Children regularly learn and play outside in our 80 acres of woodland, and have the opportunity to explore the woods, overcome the challenges of our outdoor adventure course (even swinging on tyres over a lake) and build dens from items found on the woodland floor. They cook over campfires, climb trees and learn survival skills. 

With so much of children’s lives being devoted to screen time, a connection with the natural world is increasingly important. Technology brings its benefits, but play in the outdoors is where they will learn to cope with risks and challenges. Outdoors is unstructured and untidy, full of hiding places and things to be discovered. It makes us feel alive. To find out more about Kent College Nursery and Prep School please email

Posted: 20/10/2020 at 13:26
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