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Lockdown by Orla


Lockdown by Orla 

I have found lots of positives in remote learning such as less distractions, less travel and I don’t need to get up at 6.30 am which means I don’t have to go to bed at 6.30 pm!

For me lockdown has been harder because we moved to a ‘project’ which has proven difficult in lockdown so, in addition to having none of my things, mummy is stressed! On the other hand, we are living on a farm and it is fun even if a bit cold and terrifying when the electrics go off! I would never have persuaded mummy to live anywhere so remote but in lockdown it has been great. We have both learnt to build fires, fall over in mud and get lost arguing about directions. Mummy says we should value this time as never before would families have had this opportunity to spend quality time with their children and she says you can’t put a value on that. We have laughed a lot and cried a little over the building site. I think if we had been in our gorgeous last house with all our stuff, we would have been in HEAVEN but I would have missed the country experience and designing my own bed and bathroom.

Lockdown has made everyone a bit sad with the isolation. I miss cuddling my grandpa the most and mummy says she misses her friends and hugs. We have been having zoom calls with all my aunties and, in fact, in strange ways have been more connected with them than normal because we want to check everyone is ok. I have been talking to my BFF, Tiggy, on Sunday afternoons for a couple of hours, or as long as we can manage. We catch up on Nintendo games remotely but we actually talk on a Sunday. I haven’t seen her for a year!

People seem so odd in town; they cover their faces and follow arrows around the supermarket and get cross if you need to walk the other way because you forgot an ingredient. Mummy is hopeless at this and gets shouted at a lot! She is too friendly and says people are not meant to be isolated, they are meant to hug and laugh and smile at each other. We cuddle and watch films and talk about everything. In lockdown mummy has taught me how to cook food rather than just make cakes and now I can make sushi and a mean Indian curry which we learnt to make in India. When this is all over, we plan to go to the Taj Mahal as I did not get to see it on our last visit and want to.

There is too much device time in lockdown. Everything is online and it is difficult to unplug. I have done loads of diamond art paintings and made loads of friendship bracelets but still seem to be online a lot. I have had headaches which I have never had before from too much screen time.

One of the positives has to be Kingsley, the gorgeous, cheeky lockdown puppy our friends who own the farm have. He is a field spaniel. We were going to buy a Hungarian Puli when we moved into our house but now, we think we might just be Kingsley‘s holiday home.

Posted: 12/02/2021 at 11:57
Tags:  What's New
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