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Early years update

Added: 12.10.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
The girls made some lovely pitta pizzas during cooking today.
Added: 09.10.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Today we got to meet our new Buddies!
Added: 06.10.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We loved PE in the Sports Hall today and played some fun games.
Added: 05.10.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
The girls retold the story of the hungry caterpillar using some prompts.
Added: 05.10.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We made some delicious bread rolls in the shape of animals today.
Added: 04.10.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Making paper aeroplanes was great fun and we could all make the 'nnnnn' sound as we flew around the outside area.
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