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Class Stars


The Kent College Class Stars board is located in the entrance of the Preparatory School and celebrates pupils who have made exceptional achievements and contributions to school life.
We are very proud of all our students and hope you enjoy reading about our Stars!


Week Commencing 30.10.2017

Name Class Reason
Zélie 1B for her progress and enthusiasm in reading
Lilian    2D       for her perseverance in Maths
Amelie    3L    for her fabulous work in Science   
Sarah    4B    for a very successful first half term at KC, great listening skills and fabulous contributions in class
Ella    4W    for outstanding thinking in her Science lessons
Evalina   & Jemima 5H    for excellent independent research
Florence    5Y    for her praiseworthy approach and creative thinking in Maths   
Gabriella    6Bi   

for her excellent participation on our Open Day

Libby    6Bi    for sheer enthusiasm during Maths lessons on BIDMAS   
Melanie    6Bo    for her very detailed picture illustrating the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan   
Matilda    6CH    for diligently getting on with all set tasks and for her wonderful attitude to all areas of school life




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