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Education in the Early Years


As a parent and educator who has spent many years helping children achieve their potential, I am delighted by the focus being given to early childhood following the launch of The Duchess of Cambridge’s “5 Big Questions” in January. The trailblazing survey aims to build a healthier generation by giving every child the best start in life. 

The profound lifelong impact of early childhood experiences has long been known; it was Aristotle who said “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” This remains a mantra for those of us privileged to be working in early years education, and recent research has given us an even greater understanding of how experiences from the womb to age five shape lives.   

 Giving children a good start in life is the surest way we can fortify their positive mental health and wellbeing into adulthood. This ethos is shared by the Early Years Department of Kent College Prep School. It is widely accepted that children learn more in the early years than at any other time in their life, therefore parents need to be secure in the knowledge that their child will flourish and be happy at school. 

 At Kent College Prep we form close ties with parents, design classrooms to inspire young minds, create outdoor spaces to encourage exploration and provide a wide variety of opportunities - alof which contribute to creating an environment in which children can thrive.  

 Most important though is the quality of teaching. Friendly, experienced staff and subject specialist teachers who can support each child in their academic and emotional development are critical.  

 At Kent College Prep, one of our main aims is to have pupils who come running in in the morning! When this is happening, we know we are on course to achieving our aims.

Posted: 03/04/2020 at 14:49
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