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Do as I say not as I do......


“Do as I say, not as I do….” Nik Pears, Head of Prep School

The phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do….” has echoed down through the ages.  Sayings like this have longevity because they resonate across generations. 

It is certainly something that we will have experienced someone saying to us at some point, likely in admonishment. We may even have used ourselves.

But whether or not we have actually spoken the words, it is highly likely that we have lived them out. And the impact on those around us, often our children, can be profound. We often hold our children to expectations that we do not live up to ourselves.

For me, if I am honest, more often than not this comes in relation to three key areas: food, technology and sleep.

How often can I be seen tucking into a bowl of ice cream which only a matter of hours before I was refusing to give to my children. Then of course, there is the mobile phone glued to my hand. What message am I sending to those around me, when I do not give them my undivided attention, especially my children, particularly when I demand theirs!

Sleep is another key area. As adults, we all know the value and importance of sleep - for growth, development, regeneration, for a healthy mind, but few of us actually practice what we preach.  We may insist our children have a good night’s sleep and extol the virtue of doing so, but do we do the same ourselves? I know that far too often, I do not.

Learning about healthy lifestyles, including nutrition, sleep, fitness and screen time is integral to wellbeing and confidence in both children and adults alike.

We are holding an open workshop looking at how you can support your child’s wellbeing and start to ‘do’ as well as ‘say’.

‘Health and Wellbeing in the Early Years’, Kent College Prep School, Saturday 9th November  9-10.30am. Book at

Posted: 18/10/2019 at 12:12
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