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Mission Statement



To inspire girls with a love of learning so that they may grow in mind and spirit


Kent College exists to provide an inspirational education that enables girls to develop into courageous young women equipped to make a purposeful contribution to the world.

KC girls are

  • Generous - support each other, their community and the wider world
  • Resilient - see mistakes as an opportunity to learn
  • Independent - prepared to take their place in the world
  • Tenacious - ambitious and determined

Methodist Schools' Mission Statement

Kent College is one of 14 British schools which are managed by the Board of Management for Methodist Residential Schools and Colleges.

The aims of the Methodist schools are:

  • To be caring Christian family communities committed to the development of the full potential of each individual, having regard for their personal attributes in addition to their academic aspirations
  • To maintain high educational standards in all their academic, cultural and sporting activities, stimulating excitement in learning and requiring discipline in study whatever the ability of the child
  • To work with and in the communities they serve
  • To worship as Christians in the Methodist tradition; to uphold Christian values in practice as well as in theory and to make religious education a strong feature of the curriculum, whilst welcoming members of other faiths (and none) in a spirit of openness and tolerance
  • To encourage pupils in a critical examination of the standards and values current in society and to discover and develop a personal faith to guide them throughout their lives

 Kent College is a registered charity and is a member of the Methodist Independent Schools' Group. 

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