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Confident, Courageous and Resilient


Here at Kent College Prep our girls are given a breadth of opportunities which will equip them for the future. The working world our young girls will enter is largely uncharted territory and one in which their academic qualifications, whilst important, will only take them so far. At the Prep School, we are committed to ensuring that our pupils are ready for the test of life, rather than simply a life of tests.

The inspiring education that we provide here enables our girls to develop into courageous young women equipped to make a purposeful contribution to the world: confident, resilient, courageous, entrepreneurial and adaptable.

We are proud of our academic success and the excellent reputation that we enjoy in terms of teaching and learning. At the heart of Kent College is physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Our vast range of sports, clubs and activities, alongside time exploring nature, and enjoying the arts, music and drama all help to achieve this. At a time when many schools are reducing their offering in these areas, we are in the privileged position of being able to present countless oppor- tunities and experiences for our girls.The ability to participate in activities during the school day means that there is a choice to relax, and enjoy family time, at the weekend.

We are committed to protecting childhood and for our girls to enjoy school life, making use of our Forest School area and fantastic outdoor play area, set within 80 acres of glorious Kent countryside. We want our girls to come running into school in the morning and not want to leave at the end of the day and that is what we see! It is not rocket science (though we are quite interested in that too!) but happy children who enjoy coming to school will work hard and will do well.

A culture of Growth Mindset is embedded across the school. From their first day in Nursery our girls soon learn that this is a place where they can make mistakes, that they need not fear failure but begin to understand that learning from experience is most valuable in ensuring future success. We are mindful to teach our girls that taking risks is an integral part of the process of learning.

The vast majority of our staff are working parents and so we understand and appreciate the complexities of modern family life. We work hard to ensure that we provide wraparound care that is flexible and provides a service that really does make life work. Whether it be providing a full English breakfast or an overnight stay in our boarding house, we are here to help.

Making secondary school choices can be an exciting but challenging time for families. Familiarity with our Kent College site and with teachers who are specialists across Prep and Senior School, means that Prep School girls have the opportunity to continue their learning journey into our Senior School with a relatively seamless transition

Posted: 17/10/2018 at 12:50
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