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Cathy Cassidy


Cathy is the best-selling author of The Chocolate Box Girls series and many other books. She visited us to talk to Years 5-8 about her writing, and how she took inspiration from people that she came across in her everyday life. At school she had often got into trouble for ‘day dreaming’ but assured the girls that this was very good for coming up with ideas for writing stories! Cathy had valuable tips for writing and developing characters, including how she used mood boards to explore her characters. Many of her tips can be found on her website The girls enjoyed taking part in a quiz to find out which character they were most like in her latest book ‘Love From Lexie’. They were enthralled by her story telling, and there was a long line of eager fans queuing to have their book personally signed by Cathy at the end of the talk.

Posted: 09/03/2018 at 15:27
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