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School Events


In addition to visitors and school trips, the main events in the school calendar include the following:

Autumn term:

  • Kent 11+ plus selection tests (for grammar schools)
  • New Parents’ Tea
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Harvest Festival
  • Curriculum Evenings
  • Individual Pupil Photographs
  • Parent Consultations
  • KCPPA Prep Parents' Association AGM
  • Watch Instrumental Week
  • KCPPA Prep Parents' Association Bonfire Party
  • Kent College Senior School entrance exams
  • Independent senior school entrance exams
  • KCPPA Prep Parents' Association Christmas Fair
  • Watch Dance Week
  • Core subject reports for all year groups
  • EY's and KS1 Christmas Concert
  • KS2 Christmas Concert
  • Christmas Parties
  • Christmas Lunch

Spring term

  • Parent Consultations
  • Key Stage 2 Interhouse Quiz
  • Early Years and Key Stage 1 Easter Egg Hunt
  • Key Stage 2 Easter event arranged by KCPPA
  • KCPPA Prep Parents' Association social event
  • Independent Senior School Exams
  • Senior Schools' Information Evening

Summer term

  • Year 5 Residential Trip to Norfolk
  • Year 5 parent consultations
  • Early Years New Parents Information Evening
  • Key Stage 2 Interhouse Swimming Gala
  • Sports Day for Early Years
  • Key Stage 1 Interhouse Swimming Galas
  • Key Stage 1 Sports Day
  • Year 6 Residential Visit to France
  • Year 6 Drama Production
  • KCPPA Prep Parents' Association Summer Event
  • Key Stage 2 Sports Day
  • Prize Giving 
  • Subject reports for all year groups
  • Dancing exams
  • Early Years Celebration Assembly
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