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A year in review


The Autumn Term

My name is Harriet and I was one of three girls that had the amazing opportunity to be Head Girl this year.  As Head Girl during the Autumn Term I will be reviewing some of the key events that happened during that time. These events have been enjoyed by many of the students and teachers at Kent College.

To start with I would like to mention the U11 hockey tournament at Hurstpierpoint All the girls who took part in it absolutely loved it and it was a great way for them to build team work.

Remaining with sport, gymnastics is one of the sports that KC shines at with a number of the student’s spending evenings and long weekends training. It is in no small way due to this that many of them have achieved greatness in all the competitions including the British floor and vault finals. One of the golden moments of this term was when Kent College hosted the IAPS gymnastics competition - one of the biggest gymnastic competitions for our age range. Many of our gymnasts participated in this event.

Following on from this was the South East v London Inter-Regional Duathlon.  Building on an already impressive record, Grace was placed first.  

Now for a different topic: Christmas.  The Early Years and KS1 nativity was called ‘The Star Attraction’ and to be honest it really was a star attraction. All of the thought and hard work put into was phenomenal.

Staying with the Christmas theme, the KS2 Christmas play, in the theatre for the first time, was amazing.  ‘The Earth looks forward to Christmas’, created more stars on the stage than in the galaxy!

Also adding a little flavour to the Christmas theme was the Prep school staff flash mob ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’, which was the first time I’ve seen people dance to that song and actually rock it!

But turning back to the academic learning, we had Senior School scholarship interviews which went really well for many of the Year 6’s staying on at KC.

One of the most enjoyable, albeit exhausting, events was the sponsored walk that marked 50 years of Sponsored Walks at Kent College, raising vital funds for both KC Nepal and Hospice in the Weald.

A welcome change impacting our lives was the A21 opening which made many school runs a lot faster and easier to get in on time.

Finally, who can forget when the KCPPA lit up the sky with the fireworks and disco, much fun was had by all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gabriella for being a most supportive and fabulous Deputy Head Girl.

The Spring Term

My name is Anya and I was Head Girl during the Spring Term. I have been at Kent College since Reception and it has been the most exiting journey.

The Spring Term was full of amazing events and the following are just a taste of some of them:

The Spring Term saw further successes for our gymnastic teams.  The U11 team qualified for the Milano Team Nationals – an amazing achievement!  An additional U11 team won gold in the regional team category, and the U11 National and intermediate teams competed in the BSGA regionals - both teams came 2nd.  This is in no small part a reflection of the incredible coaching of Mrs Cox, and the resilience, time and effort of our teams.

This term also saw the performance in the theatre of Phantom of the Opera.  A truly outstanding production which included the Prep School choir, it was enjoyed by so many of us, inspiring us in our own KS2 drama presentations in the Theatre.  We got to practice part of our Year 6 production ‘Circus Olympus’, whilst the other year groups showcased the work they had been doing with their Drama teachers.

Spring also brought with it some phenomenal snow falls and indeed Snow Week! Whilst some girls worked from home, others made it into school and had the opportunity to perfect our snowboarding skills – many thanks to Mr Pears and his son Jossi!

Finally thank you to Libby for being my Deputy, because I would have never done it without her caring support and encouragement.

But the year is not over, I will pass on to Caroline who will fill you in on the final third of our years’ highlights.

The Summer Term

My name is Caroline, the Head Girl for the Summer Term.

This summer has highlighted many superb sporting achievements; this included the IAPS Swimming National Finals where amongst our successes Jessica won a gold medal and Ella won a silver medal.  Later on, in the IAPS Triathlon, Grace became the National Champion – a huge achievement!  Furthermore, Kent College were BSGA Gymnastics National Finals medallists once again.  Our thanks must go to all the Sport Department whose expertise, dedication and limitless encouragement has helped us along the way; indeed, who also organised an incredible Sports and Wellbeing exhibition, the highlight of which was a thought provoking and inspirational speech by Ben Smith.

For me, one of the most memorable events of the term was ‘Circus Olympus’, the Year 6 production. We all faced a challenge as we had to do this in traverse and project our voices to fill the large space.  Our thanks go to all the drama staff who made this possible.

Recently, two teams of Year 6’s went to take part in the Tunbridge Wells Junior Enterprise Challenge at Salomon’s Estate.  Taking place over 3 days, we had to design and create a healthy eating product.  We went on to film an advert, run a trade fair and speak to an audience of over one hundred people about our creations.

As part of our school ethos, we participated in a fundraising activity called ‘Run to the beat’. Raising a total of over £2,000 for the NSPCC, it was a great success and we hope to have helped many young people.

School trips have been another important highlight of this term:

On the 30th of April Year 5 set off to Norfolk, exploring the coast and working together as a team on their 4-night stay. Soon after Year 6 visited France, experiencing a range of outdoor and cultural activities.

My thanks need to go to Megan as my Deputy for helping me and being a great support.

These are a few of the events that took part in this term. On behalf of Year 6, I would like to say that this has been term full of the most amazing challenges, and I would also like to thank all the staff for helping me make this year incredibly special.

Posted: 12/07/2018 at 14:32
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