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TAG: Latest News
IAPS National Success
Added: 18.06.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
Highlights from recent sporting results
Circus Olympus
Added: 01.06.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
The Year 6 girls put on their annual performance
Forest Explorers Day
Added: 01.06.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
Current and prospective Prep School families explored our ancient bluebell woodlands
Come out to play
Added: 04.05.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
At Kent College Prep, we have introduced more and more outdoor play.
Listen with Alexa?
Added: 03.05.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
The arrival of Alexa in many children's bedrooms has got me thinking: is it better to read or to be read to?
Book Day
Added: 14.03.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
From Alice in Wonderland to Ethel from The Worst Witch, the girls made a tremendous effort and looked superb.
Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing
Added: 12.03.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
Being a pupil at Kent College Prep School is good for your health
Cathy Cassidy
Added: 09.03.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
Cathy visited us to talk to Years 5-8 about her writing, and how she took inspiration from people that she came across in her everyday life.
KC in the snow
Added: 27.02.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News  What's New
Beautiful pictures of KC taken on Tuesday 27 February 2018
Added: 07.02.2018   |  Tags:  Latest News
The girls have been measuring with non standard units today.
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