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TAG: Early years update
A very busy day!
Added: 28.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Our swimming lesson went so fast today - we have all really grown in confidence and cannot wait to show our skills!
Shoe Shop
Added: 27.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Reception's shoe shop was open this afternoon, so the girls took the opportunity to fine tune the art of walking in heels.
Added: 26.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Reception gave their all in their last ballet lesson of the year.
The perfect end to a busy week!
Added: 23.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
The sun shone for our Early Years trip to Pepenbury.
Lots of lovely lollies!
Added: 22.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
There was great excitement when an Ice Lolly Shop appeared for Show & Tell this afternoon.
Early Years Sports Day
Added: 22.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update  Sport
We couldn't have wished for a more beautiful morning as the Early Years department took to the athletics field for their sports day.
Sports Day
Added: 21.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Early Years enjoyed a sporty morning out in the sunshine. There were lots of races and lots of cheering!
Who has been eating the strawberries?
Added: 20.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We tried to solve the mystery of who is eating all our strawberries.
Show and Tell.
Added: 19.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Reception were treated to a lovely Show and Tell session from one of their friends who had been to an aquarium.
Forest Fun.
Added: 14.06.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Early Years loved this week's Forest Fun session as the weather was so good. They collected flowers and leaves and brought them back to school to create some pretty artwork.
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