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TAG: Early years update
What Nursery did today
Added: 29.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We had a lovely Harvest Festival assembly this morning so thank you for all the groceries that were brought in.
Swimming Fun
Added: 29.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Our Teachers were blown away in our swimming lesson this morning.
What we did today!
Added: 28.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Today we have talked about similarities and differences, being kind and looking after each other.
Another busy day
Added: 27.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
The girls had a wonderful time swimming.
Music with Mr Pears
Added: 26.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We started the morning with phonics and listening to initial sounds.
Cape Making
Added: 25.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
The girls had a wonderful day making their Superhero costumes.
Forest Fun
Added: 19.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We had a wonderful time in Forest Fun today.
‘Funky Fingers’
Added: 18.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
Today we introduced our ‘Funky Fingers’ activities for the week. They are designed to get those hand and finger muscles working while hopefully being fun too.
What a busy week we have had.
Added: 15.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
The girls have all coped admirably with getting back into routine.
Another busy day today!
Added: 14.09.2017   |  Tags:  Early years update
We practised our numbers to 20, the alphabet and even did some handwriting of the letter T.
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